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Nationally Mandated Data Collection and Reporting for LGUs

Certified Edu November 15, 2021

Video Processing Prompts

  1. What do we remember from the video?  (let’s write as many as we remember)
  2. How often do we gather data for CBMS?  For what reasons?
  3. Please share our experiences with the following data collection frequencies.  Based on the following, please share:  how do we gather data in our LGU?  Who does this?   With whom?  If we don’t gather data based on any of the items below,  or our answer is something like “we don’t gather data this way”, please share the reasons – so we can use these as opportunities to implement the benefits of 3D effectively/efficiently, as we will see in Module 2.
    1. monthly
    2. annually
    3. every three years
  4. What are the data sets that we can ‘combine’?
  5. Stem sentence options:
    1. When gathering data for CBMS, we feel good about…..
    2. Some of the facilitating and hindering factors that affect our capacity to efficiently and effectively gather CBMS data are….
    3. To help us efficiently gather data for CBMS, we need support in….