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Introduction to Data-Driven Development

Certified Edu November 14, 2021

Video Processing Prompts

  1. What do we remember from the video?  (let’s write as many as we remember)
  2. How do we use data in our lives?
    1. family, friends
    2. school, work
    3. religion, spiritual beliefs
    4. media
    5. other areas
  3. What is our role in data driven development (3D)?  when do we:
    1. look for data
    2. analyze data
    3. share data
    4. use data for ‘policies’ (rules, regulations, et al)
    5. monitor/assess the impact of policies on our lives?  Other people’s lives
  4. Another option for processing:  encourage participants to complete the stem sentences:
    1. dahil sa data, meron akong/tayong……
    2. dahil sa data, wala akong/tayong……
    3. dahil sa data, maayos ang……
    4. ok sana kung meron data tungkol sa……….
    5. (mas) maayos sana ang buhay kung may data sa…….
    6. dahil walang data, wala ring…../ dahil walang data, di maayos ang (mga)…../