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Data-Driven Development & the LGU

Certified Edu November 15, 2021

Video Processing Prompts

  1. What do we remember from the video?  (let’s write as many as we remember)
  2. Who does the following and how?
    1. identifying outcomes/impact
    2. data gathering
    3. data analysis
    4. data sharing
    5. 3D policy making
    6. monitoring range of outcomes/impact of policies
  3. in our 3D work:
    1. What are we proud of?
    2. What needs to be improved/done differently?
  4. Stem sentence options:
    1. In our LGU’s 3D efforts, we are proud of…….
    2. In terms of our LGU’s 3D activities, what we can do differently are…..
    3. The 3D areas we need human resources, capacity building on are…….