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3D and Planning and Planning and Budgeting in LGUs

Certified Edu November 15, 2021

Video Processing Prompts

  1. What do we remember from the video?  (let’s write as many as we remember)
  2. When was the most recent time we were involved in planning, budgeting and implementation?
  3. In the past 12 months (or another relevant timeline), what were the different ways we were involved in:  (OR how can we be more meaningfully involved in:)
    1. 3D planning
    2. 3D budgeting
    3. 3D implementation
  4. (Based on the most recent survey, it was a common experience that different LGU departments do 3D activities on their own……) How do we ensure that all departments work with each other?   That relevant CSOs, and constituents have a say on 3D planning, budgeting and implementation?
  5. Stem sentence options:
    1. As part of LGU personnel, I am involved in planning, budgeting and implementation through these activities…..
    2. My roles in 3D planning, budgeting, implementation