Online Refresher Course on Environmental Planning

20 Lessons

About this Course

This course provides the key themes and tracks in Environmental  Planning:   (a) History, concepts, theories and principles of environmental planning;  (b) Environmental planning process, methods/techniques and strategies; and (c) Environmental plan implementation, legal aspects and administration.

Republic Act 10587 defines Environmental planning, also known as urban and regional planning, city planning, town and country planning, and/or human settlements planning, refers to the multi-disciplinary art and science of analysing, specifying, clarifying, harmonizing, managing and regulating the use and development of land and water resources, in relation to their environs, for the development of sustainable communities and ecosystems.

This course is produced by the Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners.  It is available to anyone who would like an overview of the Environmental Planning Profession, refresh their knowledge on Planning or is reviewing for the Environmental Planning Board Exam.

The Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners is the Accredited Professional Organization of the Environmental Planning Profession by the Professional Regulatory Commission of the Philippines.  The PIEP has been providing quality EnP refresher courses since the 1990s and has an extensive network of practicing lecturers.

3 hours/week

12 weeks duration, 01 January –  31 March 2018

48 pre-recorded videos sessions

Bonus: Coaching Sessions with Board Exam Topnotchers (Not Available)

Course Fee: USD80


Introduction to Environmental Planning

By studying this module, you will

  • History
  • Global context
  • National and local context
  • Planning profession

3 videos

Planning Legislation and Policy

By studying this module, you will learn:

  • Planning Laws
  • Environmental Laws

3 videos


Planning Theory

By studying this module, you will discover

  • History/ goals of planning
  • Foundations of planning

Nature and types of planning

6 videos


Regional Planning

By studying this module, you will unearth:

  • Concepts, nature, types of regions, and regional delineation
  • Rationale, concepts,            policies            and         principles, development issues, and regional plan components
  • Regional development strategies

3 videos


By studying this module, you will learn

  • Patterns of human settlements
  • City image, urban forms and functions
  • City growth theories and urban ecological processes
  • Urbanization: issues and trends
  • Planning and development of cities and urban areas

3 videos


Planning Process

By studying this module, you will discover:

  • Hierarchy of Plans (national, PDP, RDP, PPFP)
  • CLUP
  • CDP

3 videos

Geophysical Aspects of Planning

By studying this module, you will grasp the:

  • Physical parameters, Data requirements, and tools
  • Geological and natural features in land use and development planning
  • Identification and determination of maps for various purposes

3 videos


Land Use Planning

By studying this module, you will understand:

  • Basic concepts, functions and contents of CLUP
  • Demand and supply of land, strategies to deal with deficit
  • Generation and evaluation of spatial strategies
  • Land use controls and incentives

3 videos

Population & Demography

By studying this module, you will learn the

  • importance of population and demography in planning
  • Tools and methodologies for determining population and demographic characteristics; population projections

3 videos


Social Development Planning

By studying this module, you will comprehend

  • the core concerns of the social sector and its sub-sectors (education, health, housing, social welfare, public order & safety, sports & recreation
  • Social Sector Data and Development Indicators
  • Tools, techniques, methodologies for social sector profiling, analysis and planning

3 videos

Economic Planning

By studying this module, you will understand the

  • structure of the local economy (primary, secondary and tertiary sectors)
  • Economic sector data and development indicators
  • Tools, techniques,             methodologies        for           economic sector profiling, analysis and planning

3 videos


Transportation Planning & Infrastructure Planning

By studying this module, you will learn the:

  • Components of the Infrastructure and utilities sector
  • Data, tools and methodologies for profiling, analysing and planning for infrastructure and utilities development
  • Essential components of infrastructure & utilities plans

3 videos

Environment & Resources Planning

By studying this module, you will grasp the:

  • Physical parameters in land use & development planning
  • Data, tools, methodologies/techniques for profiling, analysing and planning for the environment and natural resources sector
  • Concepts and relevant laws on environmental protection and sustainable development (PDs 1151
  • & 1152, RA 9003, RA 8749, RA 7586, Proclamation 2146, ), renewable energy sources

3 videos


Institutional Planning

By studying this module, you will study:

  • General Administration
  • Human Resource Development
  • Fiscal Administration
  • Salient features of the LGC

3 videos

Climate Change & Disaster Resilience

By studying this module, you will learn how to mainstream Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Management into Local planning

3 videos


Area Planning

By studying this module, you will learn:

  • Site planning and urban design
  • Site planning for specific uses: Industrial estates/economic zones, heritage areas, Urban renewal, redevelopment, regeneration, revitalization
  • Basic concepts in planning ecosystems: Watershed/river basin, agricultural, and coastal development
  • Integrated area or integrated rural development (IAD OR IRD)

3 videos

Planning Implementation

3 videos


Project Planning

3 videos

Professional Planning & Ethics

3 videos




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Diagnostic Exam

I. Introduction to Environmental Planning

II. Evolution of Towns & Cities

III. Geo-Physical Aspects of planning

IV. Introduction to the EnP Exam

V. Planning Process

VI. Economic Planning

VII. Transportation & Infrastructure Planning

VIII. Demography & Social Planning

IX. Legal Foundations

X. Institutional Development

XI. Ethics in Planning

XII. Institutional Planning

XIII. Project Planning & Development

XIV. Regional Planning

XV. Climate Change and Disaster Reduction

XVI. Exam Coaching

XVII. Land Use

XVIII. Area Planning



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