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Aspire has been providing quality  Chemical Engineering review and refresher courses since 2012. Highest passing rate to date is 95% with 84.5% passing rate last November 2016 Board examination.

Course Title: Chemical Engineering Review Classes

Short Description:

The first part of Aspire’s Chemical Engineering Review-Refresher-Coaching systematic program, approximately 150 hrs of On-line Review Session for Chemical Engineering Board Exam is divided to 3 major subjects namely: General Engineering; Physical and Chemical Principles; and Chemical Engineering. At the end of the Review Classes, the reviewers will be evaluated with a Mock Board Exam.

General Engineering composed of 12 subjects and 3 summary discussion which totals to 15 sessions. Physical and Chemical Principles covers 9 subjects and 2 summary discussion for a total of 11 sessions. Lastly, the Chemical Engineering Principles covers 17 subjects and 4 summary discussions which total to 21 sessions. Each session is composed of 1-hr exam followed by 1.5 hrs to 3 hrs discussion of the exam with lecture.

  • Worksheets will be provided every session to hone analytical and logical skills of the students
  • Individualized learning and tracking of learning progress thru battery of exams every session.
  • Summary Discussion/Weekender Discussion every after 4 subjects for supplementation and clarification of the given subjects
  • Updated exams taken from current board exams
  • The lowest possible cost to prepare for the ChE board exams without compromising the quality.
  • Mock Board Exam
  • Join our face-to-face discussion at our review center located at 501 Jovan Condominium, 600 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.

It is our VISION to:

To be the top Chemical Engineering Review Center in the country.

See list of our esteemed lecturers and reviewers here

ASPIRE Success Stories

  • Highest PASSING RATE to date is 95%
  • In the first 2 years of operation, we already produced 2 board placers:

Redjhay Jess Anog, Top 12 Nov 2012                                                                                                                                                Rawlinson Tolentino, Top 7 Nov 2013

  • Enhanced program for preparation of the Nov 2017 Board Exams.

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Diagnostic Exam. Take the diagnostic exam which is tentatively scheduled June 14, 2017.

Download Course Syllabus here

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Diagnostic Exams 1

Daily Exam 1

Discussion 1. Algebra

Daily Exam 2

Discussion 2. Trigonometry

Daily Exam 3

Discussion 3. Plane & Solid Geometry

Daily Exam 4

Discussion 4. Analytic Geometry

Daily Exam 5

Discussion 5. Summary Discussion 1

Daily Exam 6

Discussion 6. Differential Calculus

Daily Exam 7

Discussion 7. Integral Calculus

Daily Exam 8

Discussion 8. Differential Equations

Daily Exam 9

Discussion 9. Physics

Daily Exam 10

Discussion 10. Summary Discussion 2

Daily Exam 11

Discussion 11. Probability and Statistics

Daily Exam 12

Discussion 12. Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials

Daily Exam 13

Discussion 13. Advanced Mathematics, Engineering Laws and Ethics

Daily Exam 14

Discussion 14. Engineering Economics

Daily Exam 15

Discussion 15. Summary Discussion 3

Daily Exam 16

Discussion 16. General Chemistry

Daily Exam 17

Discussion 17. Physical Chemistry

Daily Exam 18

Discussion 18. Analytical Chemistry 1

Daily Exam 19

Discussion 19. Analytical Chemistry 2

Daily Exam 20

Discussion 20 Summary Discussion 4

Daily Exam 21

Discussion 21 Organic Chemistry 1

Daily Exam 22

Discussion 22 Organic Chemistry 2

Daily Exam 23

Discussion 23 Environmental Engineering

Daily Exam 24

Discussion 24 Biochemical Engineering

Daily Exam 25

Discussion 25. Summary Discussion 5

Daily Exam 26

Discussion 26. Chemical Engineering Calculations 1

Daily Exam 27

Discussion 27. Chemical Engineering Calculations 2

Daily Exam 28

Discussion 28. Thermodynamics 1

Daily Exam 29

Discussion 29. Thermodynamics 2

Daily Exam 30

Discussion 30. Summary Discussion 6

Daily Exam 31

Discussion 31 Flow of Fluids 1

Daily Exam 32

Discussion 32 Fluid Flow II & Flow of Solids

Daily Exam 33

Discussion 33 Diffusion and Gas Absorption

Daily Exam 34

Discussion 34 Heat Transfer

Daily Exam 35

Discussion 35. Summary Discussion 7

Daily Exam 36

Discussion 36. Distillation

Daily Exam 37

Discussion 37. Drying & Humidification

Daily Exam 38

Discussion 38. Evaporation and Crystallization

Daily Exam 39

Discussion 39. Leaching and Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Daily Exam 40

Discussion 40. Summary Discussion 8

Daily Exam 41

Discussion 41. Chemical Reaction Engineering

Daily Exam 42

Discussion 42. Centrifugation, Sedimentation, Filtration

Daily Exam 43

Discussion 43 Screening, Size Reduction and Materials Handling

Daily Exam 44

Discussion 44 Process Control, Plant Design and Materials of Construction

Daily Exam 45

Discussion 45 Summary Discussion 9

Pre-Board Exam 1

Pre-Board Exam 2

Day 1 Refresher Exam - General Engineering 1

Day 2 Refresher Exam - General Engineering 2

Day 3 Physical and Chemical Principles

Day 4 Physical and Chemical Principles

Day 5 General Engineering

Day 6 General Engineering

Day 7 Physical and Chemical Principles

Day 8 Physical Chemical Principles

Day 9 Chemical Engineering Principles

Day 10 Chemical Engineering Principles

Day 11 Chemical Engineering Principles

Day 12 Chemical Engineering Principles

Day 13 Chemical Engineering Principles

Day 14 Chemical Engineering Principles


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